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Recruitment Lead - Junior Command Staff Opening
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Joined: 14th Oct 2016
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29th Aug 2017

With the resignation of Wilder, the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani currently has an opening in the Recruitment Lead position.  This position is extremely important to building the future of the unit, therefore it does take quite a bit of out of game work.  The position, however is also one of the most rewarding positions available as you literally can put a number to your hard work.

The position comes with a promotion to TR1 if a part of the Fusiliers or promotion to A2C if a part of the 3rd Special Tactics Wing (promotion to either rank comes with a promotion point allotment), position also comes with a private teamspeak channel which you will have admin ability of, and several other less obvious perks.

To apply simply head to this link:  http://racsa3realism.clan ... and fill out an application, in the position please place Recruitment Lead

If you have any questions please direct them to this thread and a member of the Command Staff will respond

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Forum » General Forums » Important Information
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