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Welcome to the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani an Arma 3 Realism Community.  We currently feature the Sahrani Fusiliers Corps which is the special forces branch of the RACS. We feature a different ranking structure and a different squad makeup and different billets to fill. We are always looking for more dedicated members.

If you are looking for an Arma group which isn't like the others and a unit which treats everyone equally we would love to have you join us!  If you would like to join just complete an enlistment application located on the menu bar.

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Recruited Positions Statuses

Sahrani Fusiliers Corps

Combat Medic:  Recruitment Open, Positions Available
Weapons Specialist:  Recruitment Open, Positions Available

Sapper:  Recruitment Open, Positions Available
Operator:  Recruitment Open, Positions Available

3rd Special Tactics Wing

Rotary Airman:  Recruitment Open, Positions Available

Fixed-Wing Airman:  Recruitment Open, Positions Available

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17th Feb Ermland2 just joined our community, welcome!
30th Jan Stig just joined our community, welcome!
19th Jan Parker just joined our community, welcome!
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